Vintage Sparrow


In 2014, The Vintage Sparrow grew into an inspiring jewelry line that carried the mission to awaken courage within the heart of women all over the globe. It all began when Founder, Annie Moss, was raising funds to go on a mission trip to Kenya, East Africa. After Annie returned from Africa, she found that people continued to want her creative jewelry designs and so The Vintage Sparrow was born. The Vintage Sparrow began to thrive and make global impact in the hearts of women through the power of words on every piece of jewelry they created and sent out. To this day, The Vintage Sparrow is committed to impacting the lives and hearts of women through the power of words. Whether that be through a customer who receives a design or the staff who creates it. Annie’s heart will always remain- to see women flourish in their own God-given identity and purpose. The Vintage Sparrow is committed to creating designs that remind women to fully walk in all they are called to be. 

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